Weeding the Library

Charles Spurgeon once wrote:

Heresies in the Christian church come never from the city missionary, never from the faithful pastor, never from the intense evangelist; but always from gentlemen at ease, who take no actual part in our holy war.

He speaks of antinomian teaching among other heresies. Along with new Calvinist antinomianism, I would add to our current day heresies the teaching of premillennial dispensationalism.

We must weed our minds brethren, of such heresies.

One way to begin is to rid our libraries of such books of long-standing falsehood. Towards that purpose, I am removing all books of John MacArthur, John Piper and other ‘new Calvinists’ who themselves are no Calvinists at all from my library. I consider them all as extreme fanatics of our day. Away with your new calvinism, away with your fusion of justification and sanctification, away with your false promises of repentance and salvation after Christ comes again! Heresies and silliness. Stick to the Scriptures brethren, if they are learned and studied as your foundation, such teachings would be dismissed without a moments thought.

We as believers are urged in Scripture onward to perfection in Christ, to press on toward that goal, and we will only be hampered, to say the least, by retaining such false teachings in the household.

To the fire they go, including bibles with heretical footnotes. There are ample copies of holy Scripture available without the foul stench of heretical footnotes. I once cherished some bibles because I possessed them of my youth, but no more. Let them and my memories of compromise and naiveté be gone with them.