A Lesson from the Honey Bees


When I was in high school, I wrote a paper for English class entitled A Comparison Between a Beehive and A Totalitarian Government. Just brilliant, isn’t it? Maybe not, but the parallel truths were there, and it got an ‘A’.

Well, today is a long way from those high school years, but I’m still learning things from bees.

According to what I’ve read recently, bees living in different hives, if they are not busy working, fight each other because of differences in smell. Go figure.

But bees busy working cover their bodies with pollen and thus cover the offensive odor from other workers.

Hmm. What if we, as Christians, covered ourselves, that is, stayed so busy doing the work God has assigned each of us to do, that we would have neither the time nor the interest, to consider the little things we find offensive in our fellow workers in the kingdom?

I’m just saying…..