John Stott & The New Calvinism Hypocrisy

Many the world over are mourning and regretting the loss of John R.W. Stott, Anglican author. Obviously, many have been blessed by God’s work through him over the years, and all blessings from God should be returned with thankfulness.

Yet there is perhaps no greater indication to me that I am not among the ‘new calvinists’ movement than the response to John Stott’s passing. I thank God I’m not. That doesn’t mean that I don’t appreciate Stott’s contributions. What it means is I reject accepting the herd mentality I see in so many of the young, promising, restless, reformed –and still spiritually immature– so called leaders of the ‘great calvinism resurgence.’

By all means, honor the man if you’ve been blessed.

But don’t be a hypocrite.

Some of you gladly, willingly and eagerly threw Rob Bell under the bus, so to speak, for his universalism that he actually put in writing.

And many of you who did that openly on your blogs, now praise a man who, as late as 1988, openly, and in writing, stated that he, albeit tentatively, denied the doctrine of eternal punishment.

Do you not see your hypocrisy?

You gladly crucify Rob Bell, yet you laud, exalt, and echo (and copy-shame on you) all praise from your heroic spiritual leaders regarding John Stott.

Put plainly, you condemn Rob Bell for his universalism, and kick John Stott’s error of annihilationism under the couch –not so no one notices it so much as rather so you can fall in line with the herd mentality that so permeates the driving force of ‘new calvinism and its popularity. Pride. Self-promotion. Theological career. You’d regurgitate anything your spiritual hero says if it served your purpose.

In other words, you’re looking out for you, your promotion, and your place in the next conference, perhaps.

Whatever your reason for doing that, there is one thing that is inescapable.

If you’ve done this, you are a hypocrite.