Peter Lumpkins Eaten By A Mohler Bear

Polar Bear loving

Peter Lumpkins is no stranger to controversy. That’s unfortunate, but when one spends so much effort in stirring up false accusations and generally causing unnecessary trouble with the likes of Dr. James White and Founders Ministries among others, well, you make your bed….

This week, Peter may have bitten off more than he could chew. In fact, he did just that after questioning Al Mohler about his stand on homosexuality and accusations of lying…and such strong language was not only directed at Mohler, but others as well. Peter’s questions, or accusations rather, begin at the 14:45 sec. mark. While it is unfortunate for Lumpkin that this was recorded, his questions, accusations, etc., in addition to Mohler’s biblical, finely-tuned and most effective response serve as a lesson to those who take baseless pot-shots at others. Note well Mohler’s response, because this is what it’s like to be eaten up by a loving ‘Mohler bear’.

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