Three Spheres of Delegated Authority


There are 3 basic institutions ordained by God.

  1. The Family which is the ministry of education.
  2. The Church which is the ministry of grace.
  3. The state which is the ministry of justice.

3 separate spheres of power and authority, all of which receive their authority from God in His written Word.. If one leaves the sphere which God has given it, it no longer has God-ordained authority.

If any of these three leaves it’s sphere of authority that God has given it, and attempts by use of power to bind the consciences of men, it no longer has binding authority or power ordained of God. It is biblically illegitimate.

The subjection and obedience demanded in Romans 13:1-2 is conditional upon the authorities being ministers of God as mentioned in verses 3, 4, and 6.

In Romans 13:4, twice the government is called “the minister of God.” The first time the Greek word is diakonos, our English word for deacon. The translation is “servant.” Government is the “servant” or “deacon” of God, ordained by Him to be His servant, to carry out His law, put into effect His will and honor God as a servant.

The second time in verse 4, government is called, in Greek, ekdikos, made up of two Greek words: ‘Ek’ which means ‘out of’ and ‘dikei’ which is righteousness.

Government has been established by God to be a minister of justice according to God’s law. In other words, government must exact God’s justice and execute God’s righteousness, not simply as a power but as an exacter of God’s righteousness.

All government is responsible and accountable to God Himself. It is to be His servant.

Now, when a preacher tells his congregation that they must obey the government no matter what, regardless of laws passed –  that man, at least, is lacking in serious bible knowledge, or at worse, he is a foolish, wicked man.

When a husband marches into another family’s home and order’s another man’s wife or children around, he too is lacking in bible knowledge, to say the least.

When the state commands the Church they must be licensed, pay taxes, be incorporated, and must not preach against public policy, it too is sorely lacking in bible knowledge and is ignorant – to say the least, and as the others, no longer has jurisdiction or authority from God.