Who Said That!?

What is wrong with these statements regarding the Second Advent of our Lord and Christ Jesus brethren? Speak, and testify.

When is it too late to repent? Will some have a second-chance at salvation from the wrath of God? When is it too late for the day of salvation brethren? Surely you know, and the following statements do not reflect the Truth do they? Who do you think said these things?

Israel’s repentance will come because they look to Jesus, the One whom they rejected and crucified, in faith at the Second Advent….

While their spiritual eyes are up and they’re thinking about God and how He has delivered them, they’re going to see God incarnate, Jesus, coming.

And then Israel is going to receive salvation, … God’s going to wash the nation from its sin.

First, they’re going to cry “My Lord and my God,” when they see Jesus. They’re going to realize it was God they pierced. And then God’s going to turn the fountain loose and wash them and pour out His Spirit.

Be concerned about the souls of men!!! I welcome your comments. Answer coming soon.