Never Despair of the Church

I certainly cannot speak for others, but I, for one, never tire of declaring my Lord Jesus as King of kings, and Lord of lords. My Savior! My King! My All!

We wish to particularly stress the fact that Christ is in the truest sense of the word our King today, that, having established His Church as the fellowship of believers, He now is seated on the throne of the universe from whence He directs the affairs of His advancing kingdom, that He animates His people with new spiritual life and defends them against all forces of evil, and that He is thus to continue until all His enemies have been placed under His feet. It is our duty never to despair of the Church, nor of the world, which eventually is to be conquered by the Church. Since the Kingdom of Christ is not terrestrial or carnal, but spiritual, we must not be surprised if during our course through a world in which there still remains so much that is evil we often suffer persecutions, sickness, poverty, cold, hunger, and other disagreeable circumstances. For all of these things have their appointed place in God’s providential control of the world, and as they come upon believers they are designed not as punishments but as disciplines or chastisements for their improvement.

– Loraine Boettner, Studies in Theology, page 253

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