Tashlan, or Chrislam?

TLB-HardFrom John Eidsmoe and Firm Foundation:

Many of us have read C.S. Lewis’s The Chronicles of Narnia, ostensibly to our children but secretly enjoying them ourselves. The Kingdom of Narnia, whose people and talking animals worshiped the Christ-figure Aslan, were a type of Christian Europe, while to the south of Narnia the Calormene Empire, whose people served the cruel god Tash, were a type of Islam.

The final book of the series, The Last Battle, is my personal favorite. All worlds must come to an end, and Narnia is no exception. But in Narnia, as in Christendom, the last days are a time of apostasy. A glib-talking ape, secretly in league with the Calormenes, persuades many of the Narnians that Aslan and Tash are really just two names for the same god, and sets up a new religion worshiping “Tashlan.” In the end, of course, this is exposed as merely a front for the worship of Tash. In the final battle the Calormene warriors beat the drums and chant “Tash! Tash!,” and Lewis says parenthetically, “There was no nonsense about ‘Tashlan’ now.”

It’s happening for real, here and now. For years some have been saying that the God of the Bible and the Allah of the Qu’ran are one and the same. And make way for the new religion: Chrislam….

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