Two History Books for Your Library

Here are a couple of books regarding history that I highly recommend and believe every Christian should have on their bookshelves. There are plenty more I will probably recommend in the future, but these two are a good start. In my opinion, they are “must-haves”.


1. History of the United States – Alexander H. Stephens

History of the US StephensWritten by one of America’s most gifted constitutional scholars ever, this book is a foundational cornerstone to understanding and appreciating our American history. It is both an easy and enjoyable read for any age group.

Let’s face it, most Americans are just ignorant when it comes to this country’s history. Well, they are. This reprint of the 1872 original is worth every penny. It is the clear, unrevised truth in a society where revisionist history is run amok in every level of public education.

Stephens served as congressman from 1843-59. In fact, he served in the U.S. House of Representatives twice — once prior to the War of Federal Aggression, and once after. If you homeschool, get this. If you do not homeschool, get it anyway. This is a real education between covers.


2. The Sword of the Prophet: Islam – History, Theology, Impact on the World – Serge Trifkovic (The Politically Incorrect Guide to Islam)

Sword of the prophetOne of the most intelligent and irrefutable books on Islam you will ever read. It is the best book on Islam I’ve ever read, hands down, Katy-bar-the-door. Period.

In this book, you’ll learn the violent, bloody, barbaric, intolerant historical origins of Islam and the future implications of Islam as a global force. In a nutshell, this book absolutely destroys and leaves in the dust all the politically correct, liberal, leftist mumbo-jumbo about Islam being a religion of peace but troubled by the actions of ‘extremists’ by covering everything from the life of Muhammad, the creation of the Koran, the spread of Islam over a 1000 year period, and the destruction it has left – and continues to leave- in its wake.

“We hear it said: “September 11 changed America forever.” Less often do we hear a coherent explanation of what, exactly, changed. What changed, in fact, was that for the first time in American history we have been forced to confront Islamic militancy as it has assaulted the rest of the world for almost 14 centuries.”