Martin Luther King Jr.–Unbeliever?

The civil rights leader Martin Luther KIng (C) waves to supporters 28 August 1963 on the Mall in Washington DC (Washington Monument in background) during the "March on Washington". King said the march was "the greatest demonstration of freedom in the history of the United States." Martin Luther King was assassinated on 04 April 1968 in Memphis, Tennessee. James Earl Ray confessed to shooting King and was sentenced to 99 years in prison. King's killing sent shock waves through American society at the time, and is still regarded as a landmark event in recent US history. AFP PHOTO (Photo credit should read -/AFP/Getty Images)

MLK in his own writings:

1) Denies the deity, sonship, virgin birth and bodily resurrection of Jesus Christ

2) Calls the garden of Eden a myth in line with “other oriental religions” and says that science and the Bible are at odds.

3) Did King ever repent and believe the Gospel of Jesus Christ?

Apparently not. The following was spoken the night before he died. The speech is entitled, “I See The Promised Land” and was delivered April 3, 1968 in Memphis, Tennessee. He had not abandoned his heretical notions:

“As you know, if I were standing at the beginning of time, with the possibility of general and panoramic view of the whole human history up to now, and the Almighty said to me, ‘Martin Luther King, which age would you like to live in?’– I would take my mental flight by Egypt through, or rather across the Red Sea, through the wilderness on toward the promised land. And in spite of its magnificence, I wouldn’t stop there. I would move on by Greece, and take my mind to Mount Olympus. And I would see Plato, Aristotle, Socrates, Euripides and Aristophanes assembled around the Parthenon as they discussed the great and eternal issues of reality.”

I guess Christ was never enough for King. He will never be enough for men who favor the social gospel leading to Hell. Racial justice, equality for all – this is not the Gospel of Jesus Christ – it is a lie. It is in fact, not even logical.

Yet the push for social justice, racial equality supersedes biblical truth for many, and is far more important an endeavor to live and die for. The propagation of such popular thinking, and promotion of Martin Luther King Jr., is especially frightening when we see it coming from highly influential public preachers and bloggers.

Martin Luther King Jr. is not a man to be honored for his faith, but pitied.