How Can A Young Pastor Preach The Gospel Every Week?

In this interview with Bryan Chapell, that’s pretty much the question asked.

It is an interesting video. It also dawned on me while watching that many young pastor’s need to keep something in mind: Don’t focus on all “the problems of..” questions. Just don’t. In seminary, that’s what many hear and are trained to recognize. The problem of evil, the problem of this and that. Just stop that. I know, your professor’s drilled it into you. Many times, they are experts at giving you problems to solve and exceedingly weak in giving you solutions.

It’s not your fault.

The biblical approach to preaching the Gospel in every sermon is to focus on the solution, not ‘the problem of..’ whatever. The solution, of course, is the atoning work of our Lord Jesus Christ. Presenting the problems of man in light of judicial guilt is, of course, important, never neglect that. However, if you remain generally “problem-centered” in your preaching, you may find yourself squeamish when it comes to being dogmatic when needed, and dogma, my friend, is a good thing. If you can’t be dogmatic about anything, your people will suffer because you were weak and undecided about basic truth. May it never be!

What can a pastor do to preach the Gospel? from Journey-Creative on Vimeo