Our Absurd Religion – History of the Modern Gospel (Part 1)

From Our Truth Matters:

Compromise, deceptions — including the greatest deception of all — A FALSE GOSPEL — have eaten into the modern “church” like a raging cancer.

What happened? Over the past 400 years, the seeds of false systems such as easy-believism, the social gospel, revivalism, and post-modernism have grown and are now in full bloom. Yet because their history dates back a few generations, and they have been covered over with evangelical terms, we see them as old, historical truths.

This video series will look at the roots of these false systems. When they are brought into the light of scripture, their deceiving ways become clear.

This video will introduce you to the History of the Modern Gospel series. For more info, email us at media@realtruthmaters.com, or visit our website http://realtruthmatters.com.

Here is the introduction. Below this video is Session 1.

Session 1: Departing From Scripture – The Root of Error