Lies My Pastor Told Me: Confronting 15 Church Cliches With The Gospel

Cole Brown has written a good response to some often heard – and believed- clichés that have permeated modern day evangelicalism. The e-book is free to download.

Chapter headings include:

  1. Don’t Put Your Mouth on the Man of God!
  2. The Bible Is God’s Rulebook.
  3. This Is God’s House
  4. I Feel The Spirit
  5. I Have Peace About This Decision
  6. God Wants Me to be Rich
  7. That Will Make You Sin
  8. Speak It Into Existence
  9. You’re Not Filled With the Holy Spirit if You Don’t Speak In Tongues
  10. That’s the Devil
  11. God Heals Those Who Have Faith
  12. You Have A Generational Curse
  13. She’s Not Anointed
  14. Just Believe God
  15. Doctrine Is Dangerous

Download the free e-book here.

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