Screen Addiction: Manipulating America

Addictionby Nancy Levant

How do free people say good-bye to freedom? This is the only real question people must ask themselves unless one happens to be a billionaire. As wealth is now the only badge of freedom, and as the American masses continue to lose jobs, private property, Constitutional rights, opportunity, and intellectual capacity, it is clear that our trajectory is spiraling downward into the new dictatorial definitions of our political handlers. Feudalism is alive and well on the homeland, and we are trapped like rats in constant states of mass manipulation and unadulterated ignorance.

It’s been obvious for centuries that clear warnings cannot be heard by historically challenged people. Americans are completely ignorant when it comes to the history of this nation and the world – remarkably ignorant. They have never studied the history of the Federal Reserve, their educational system, nor their Constitutional government. Instead, they have blindly accepted everything that televised elites have dictated on their behalf. American people STILL haven’t learned to READ pending legislation or to watch the money exchangers. They are playing the global monopoly game.

Today’s American has fallen victim to reality manipulation through all forms of screen entertainments – from tell-a-vision to computer game addictions. The “science” of visual manipulation is hard core science, and why American people are, in fact, addicted to “screens.” Between the flashing lights, colors, and sound combinations, American people are now literally addicted to computer and tell-a-vision devices. Silence in homes has become virtually impossible to bear, and both children and adults find themselves “virtual slaves” to the electronics in their possession. This addiction was not by accident. This was “science” created to pacify and capture the attention of entire nations so that a new breed of government and governors could take control unnoticed. It worked, and “it” is called mind control.

Add to visual mind control techniques the other “sciences,” such as electromagnetic pulsing technologies, widespread use of pharmaceutical drugs, readily available recreational drugs, and food, air, and water that has been “modified” and altered, and layers upon layers of mind controlling technologies have served to enhance what was originally standard human ignorance. Today’s American people are but pale comparisons to yesterday’s citizens, and they are literally incapable of standing for, caring about, or comprehending anything. Frankly, our brains have been captured, and they no longer think for themselves. They think like TV.

American people are addicted to screens of every make and measure, to junk food, bottled water, pharmaceutical drugs, and debt. Their addictions are chronic. The people are a wreck, and they are wrecks by psycho-dynamic design. People believe tell-a-vision sets over flesh and blood human beings. They believe the rich over the un-rich. Welcome to the quintessential state of the dialectic. Right is now left.

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