Independent? Of What?

Just a reminder to you as you celebrate this weekend our nation’s independence from the British:

The independence you celebrate we lost in the War of Northern Aggression after President Lincoln raised an army and invaded our own country, to rape, plunder and pillage the farms, families and land of the South in order to destroy that which you are celebrating.

So while you enjoy family, friends, burgers, hot dogs and all of the food and fellowship, please remember that the South fought the second war of independence and shed blood to keep that which the first war of independence won.

We all lost at Appomattox, VA.



Al Benson perhaps says it best:

This week we celebrate Independence Day, which in this day and age in this country seems almost laughable. Our people today have no real concept of liberty or independence, for indeed, the confederation of States that the founders attempted to pass on to us has been, in real substance, totally dead since the conclusion of the shooting phase of the War of Northern Aggression–and it was terminally ill long before that.

After the 9/11 terrorist attacks George Bush blithely informed us that the Muslim terrorists had attacked us because we “are the freest country in the world and they hate us for our freedoms.” I’d be willing to bet he had a great laugh over that one with his after-dinner cocktails. The Yankee mindset during the War of Northern Aggression was one of centralized control and potential dictatorship and nothing has changed since then except to get a little worse.

We are among the most regulated, licensed, taxed and controlled people anywhere. You can’t even flush your commode without the federal government dictating how much water you can use per flush. Your financial and medical, and every other kind of record dealing with you is open to federal scrutiny. They can check who you contact via e-mail and who you talk to on the phone–and all in the name of “protecting our freedoms” so the nasty terrorists won’t get us all. It’s all so much hogwash and they realize that full well, but at the same time they realize that you don’t know it because you have been “educated” in their government brain laundries you call public schools–and that education was carefully crafted to make sure you don’t know “nuthin from nuthin” except that the federal government is your secular messiah and your ever-present nanny.

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