An Open Letter To Fans Of ‘Christian Hip-Hop’ Music


hip hop

“What’s wrong with that?”



People have often asked the question, “What’s wrong with ______ ?”

You fill in the blank.

What’s really being asked is, “How much like the world can I live and behave, and still go to heaven?”

Recently, I posted on a video called “Hip-Hop For Haiti” and, apparently, I’ve taken what seems an unpopular position, and have now been labeled (by at least one) as a “quite foolish Pharisee.”  Water off a ducks back.

Since this is obviously a sensitive issue for so many, and resulted in quite a few comments, I’d like to respond en masse, so to speak. It seems that the majority of you insist the concert/video in question was ‘entertainment’, and not worship.

Honest question. When one sings about Jesus Christ, regardless of ‘style’, regardless of location, is that worship or entertainment? If a professing Christian can sing about Christ, and call it ‘entertainment’ and not worship, something is terribly wrong. Someone said to me recently that “adding Jesus-speak’ to music does not sanctify it.”

I believe that’s true.

From the beginning of Scripture and the creation account, the idea of separation is introduced and taught throughout Scripture, from Genesis to Revelation.

lecrae So to all you Christian hip-hop fans, can you honestly say – before God – that you can ‘sing’ about the Lord of Glory and not call it worship? It seems to me that if you can sing/rap/recite anything about Jesus Christ, and insist it is only ‘entertainment’ then what does that say about your true view of God and of yourself?

In all sincerity, Jesus Christ did not die on the cross for your entertainment, and if we have a proper view of the value of a soul and what it cost Him to redeem, we should think long and hard about how we present Him to the world.

Also, before I forget, you do not have the right to determine how God is worshiped, you never did. There are too many examples in Scripture that prove that.

Yes, I watched the entire video, twice. You’re comments to the post were helpful in assisting me to understand your own objections. Allow me to give you a few of mine:

  • I object that there was prayer, and you called it entertainment, not worship.
  • I object to the singing of the hymn “It Is Well With My Soul”, and you calling it entertainment, not worship.
  • I object to public reading of the Scriptures and calling it ‘entertainment’.
  • I object that at the beginning of a song, one singer called out “There’s none like You, Jesus we pray that the church in America would stand with the church in Haiti” and many of you who left sarcastic, insulting comments insist that is just entertainment, not worship. If that was only ‘entertainment’, then it was a blasphemous prayer.
  • I object to using worldly attractions like thug music –and that is exactly what it is – to proclaim the Gospel. If you convince worldly people to join the visible church, you will have to use worldly means to keep them there….and without regeneration, they will still be lost and go to hell.
  • I object to being asked, by implication, to submit to the hip-hop views of Washer, Piper and R.C. Sproul. I will not. Get over it.

Let me ask you, if singing about Jesus is just ‘entertainment’, and that’s your reasoning for enjoying music derived from a controversial history- namely, street violence, sex, drugs and defiance of Law enforcement – then, is it really well with your soul? If you walk around with ‘pants on the ground’ and hat-turned-sideways’ – how will the world see that you’ve been transformed when you are acting just like them…and enjoying it? Of course, that begs the question, have you actually been transformed by the regenerating work of the Spirit of God? Or have you been drawn into the visible church by worldly means? If so, you are yet in danger of eternal condemnation.

Maybe it’s just me, but I smell compromise.