September 24


Man-Centered vs God-Centered Gospel

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View of God

Man-Centered Gospel

God-Centered Gospel

Point of contact with non-Christians is love (God loves you).
Therefore, God’s authority is secondary.

Point of contact with non-Christians is creation (God made you).
Therefore, God has authority over your destiny.

Love is God’s chief attribute. Holiness and love are equally important attributes of God.
God is impotent before the sinner’s will. God is able to empower the sinner’s will.
The persons of the Trinity have different goals in accomplishing and applying salvation. The persons of the Trinity work in harmony – salvation is accomplished for and applied to the same persons.

View of Man

Fallen, yet has the ability (or potential) to choose the good. Fallen, and will not come to God by his own will and power.
Seeks truth, but lacks correct facts. Mind at enmity with God. None seek God.
Needs love, help, friendship. Needs a new nature (mind, heart, will) accomplished by regeneration.
Makes mistakes, is imperfect, needs forgiveness. Rebels against God, has a sinful nature, needs reconciliation.
Needs salvation from the consequences of sin – unhappiness, hell. Needs salvation from guilt and power of sin.
Humanity is sick and ignorant. Humanity is dead and lost.

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