Why Haven’t Piper And Mahaney Responded To John MacArthur’s Request To Address Mark Driscoll?

Driscoll I’ve been spending a good deal of time trying to process all that I have heard, seen and read concerning Mark Driscoll. While I view the many videos and audio available by Mark, there is much that puzzles and disturbs me, and often, I even find myself saying ‘Amen!’ to the man’s statements. Then again, I am reminded that the Devil, demons and the enemies of the Gospel know the same truths, which give me pause yet again. So much for that comfort.

I suppose what bothers me of late more than anything regarding Mark, is this: having been given a very public rebuke by John MacArthur, and a request to all readers of “the SoS posts” of recent weeks, why does there continue to be so much silence by Piper and Mahaney?

Nothing. That’s what we’ve heard, absolutely nothing from them.

Is it not deemed important enough? Will the act of speaking out cause more harm than good? If so, in what way? Since when did the Truth before God become a hindrance, in any way??

Or is the silence due to something else?

What if, to speak out would bring harm to their ‘ministry’? Surely, that can’t be it. I mean, being called of God as a Pastor-Teacher is not ‘a career’ is it? Of course not. After all brethren, we are not professionals are we?

Maybe it’s their schedule. They’re so busy they haven’t even noticed the rebuke by MacArthur. Possibly. Perhaps they need to send the bodyguard to the other room and take 15 minutes to actually respond to such a public outcry.

One thing I know for certain, if they do respond, and, as of now, that is a huge ‘If’, it would put a lot of Christians minds to ease.

Until then, Mark Driscoll and his ministry has serious issues. Issues that require addressing, and that by those whose influence are highly felt, for the sake of those souls who follow Mark Driscoll…tattoos, Starbuck coffee, foul mouth, torn jeans and all.

Certainly, two among the most influencial men in evangelicalism today can take a small amount of time to address Mark Driscoll, another leading preacher who claims to be a ‘brother in Christ’ to Joel Osteen!

– JT

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